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Front-end Boilerplate

The easy way to start your web projects from scratch!
Because you don´t need to re-create everything every time.

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frontendboilerplate with grunt

Task Manager

We using some Grunt plugins for trivial tasks, included in a package.json file.

frontendboilerplate with bower

Dep. Manager

FB is agnostic for front-end dependencies, so you can use your loved framework.

frontendboilerplate with less


Pure CSS is great, but Less or Sass are awesome, you can choose which one to use.

frontendboilerplate with yeoman


An amazing generator to start from the scratch with FrontendBoilerplate.

Quick Start

It´s pretty simple to use, just follow the step-by-step.

  • 1. Clone or Download the project.
  • 2. Inside the project folder, open yout Terminal and type npm install.
  • 3. Run grunt dev command.
  • 4. Check it out your Browser.
  • 5. Read the full documentation on github.
  • 6. See the video in action.
You must have Node and npm installed.


Built-in with many, many Grunt plugins to help you.

  • Index based on HTML5Boilerplate.
  • Pre-configured Less and Sass.
  • Livereload and Dependency injector.
  • Concatenation and minify JS files.
  • Grunt-Bower task to use any framework.
  • JSHint and CCSLint to avoid errors.
  • Already with Docker.
  • Using Mocha and Chai for testing.
  • A yeoman Generator.